Abandoning Banning Abortion
(Some Texans need second wives)

Isn't Rick Perry's wife too old to again be a mom?
If Rick wants more kids he should try match.com,
Seeking a younger and more fertile wife
Rather than banning abortion to bring a fetus to life.

Don't ditch the old. Simply take on a new.
What better reason for acquiring two?
The first, older, for companionship.
     The second one, younger, for kids.
Put Rick on the web and see what he bids.

Find one young, healthy and curvy; not a few extra pounds.
Rick's already got those and is not looking for chowhounds.
Forget exercising. Calisthenics is not on his mind
Except in the sack producing more of his kind.

Why get involved in those "religious" issues?
His sole concern is her issuing more kids.
So he got a late start with that abstinence stuff.
Now the old guy just can't get enough.

Bob Carlson

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