(To the new Texas demographics)

When the Hispanics can make their majority felt,
Will Anglo-Texans reminisce over how well they once dwelt,
Or concentrate on stealing jobs from another state
And claiming they're new to make their own state look great?

The gap between what they had and those who had not
Will have diminished to an almost imperceptible dot.
They'll do their own cleaning and gardening instead
Of hiring it done like a corporate head.

CEOs in particular are due for a surprise
Their incentive for migrating won't count for as much
Though as their kids start dating and learn more and more Spanish
They can help both their parents shop for groceries and such.

Who'll consider it great that their kids are bilingual?
The abstinence only, dergulation crowd?
Not that you'll hear in a public discussion.
Not that they're going to admit to outloud.

Bob Carlson

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