And Their Party Is...
(Changing its names but not its stripes)

For African Americans? That's not THE Texas Party.
Democrat or Republican, they have one at a time.
Reconstruction? Made them Democrats; Civil Rights? G.O.P.
Bipartisan under Obama is considered a crime.

Not gonna happen! Not likely? Not ever!
Who's kidding who? Remember Ted Cruz?
Ted's absolutely no Senator Lautenberg.
Is there some way you possibly have not seen the clues?

Unfriendly, despicable, an ideological nerd.
Just one way to describe him: the creature's a turd.
Spouting his hatred, hoping that it will spread
Drive him around Dallas until he's shot dead.

He's the voice of their party? Then help them secede.
That kind of intolerance is not what we need.
Tea Party Texans, take your bigot and go.
We lack the patience to wait for a Cruz ending tornado.

Bob Carlson

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