As Texas Goes...
(Must we also?)

Why must we go down the tubes as Texas goes?
With luck their "republic" will be blown away
Along with Inhofe's dustbowl Oklahoma
With him visiting home to make our day.

Why is Monsanto stuck in Missouri
When genetic nutcases abound farther south?
Get those GMOs controlling the Rick Perry population.
Who needs millions more Perrys with no brain but a mouth?

Of course we may already be a generation too late
Genetic mutants have started to spread
Wouldn't you have thought Texas might be big enough
To support the agendas of more than a single fathead?

Yet the son's in Kentucky while his daddy's in Texas
Do we dare hope that Kentucky could also go
So we'd be done with the son and his ranting?
We'd get rid of McConnell, but miss the the Derby, i know...

Mother Nature delights in blowing away
Deniers of what she considers man-made climate change.
Her problem has been finding Jim Inhofe at home.
He's avoiding extreme weather at his home on the range.

And no matter what state The Donald says he is from,
It will gladly export him to help crazy Texans secede.
He excels in the quality secessioners need.
Where'd they find someone to lead them who is Donald Trump-dumb?

Bob Carlson

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