Banning Biotech Foods & Weeds
(Monsanto's 'ROUNDUP-Ready' creations)

You ate what without knowing it?
You say there was no way you could possibly tell?
You've now learned that Europe is busy banning it?
No wonder you're suddenly feeling like hell.

Monsanto's Hugh Grant conned Senator Blunt.
Convinced him the banned GMOs were all safe.
Fattened him on their ROUNDUP-soy beans.
Now there's no way you'd mistake him for a starving waif.

The question now is how long it will take
Till Senator Blunt commences to sprout
Superweeds from his orifices in such a way
That spraying with ROUNDUP can't do much about.

Will the lawn crew that will be attending Roy Blunt
Be paid for by Roy's health insurance or by Obamacare?
How ironic to see a Republican polluter
Parade around in a mantle of green that Grant got him to "wear".

Bob Carlson

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