Boycotting Penalties
("Who else joined the Republican whoremaster's boycotters?")

Boycotting the appointment of the future head
Of the EPA seems like a great way of arousing her ire.
What corporate big wig will dare to support
A politician like Vitter in that kind of quagmire?

Look how the IRS was able to target
Tea Party conservatives it didn't like.
Who can be sure that this administration
Won't try to emulate the Nazi's Third Reich?

Those Republicans are finished. They've sealed their fate.
Like a woman on Twinkies trying to lose weight.
And who put the appointment on hold? Someone named Blunt?
Can Monsanto afford to pull another Blunt Stunt?

Wasn't Inhofe one of Dave Vitter's boycotters
Isn't he stymieing the EPA?
Denying the existence any Climate Change,
Or an increase in tornadoes for which FEMA will pay?

Bob Carlson

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