Burn, Baby, Burn
Senator Inhofe denies the existence and cause of global warming

    "Who says we need fear Global Warning?
    It's a hoax; you can ask my HumVee.
    Why the hell would I care 'bout their damn polar bears,
    Or claims it could be because of me?"

That's that guy in a coma in East Oklahoma
    who's been pissing a lot of folks off –
That big fan of OPEC who was dealt half a deck –
    Yep, it's Jim Rip Van Winkle Inhofe.

If he partially awakes, doctors hope he mistakes
    his surroundings for noon in Las Vegas.
Though the rest of us prayed that the Vegas heat stayed
    where it was, you've seen how it's started to plague us.

But not that guy in a coma in East Oklahoma
    where both ceiling fans are turned off.
It was not a hard sell to prep Jimmy for Hell –
    Jimmy who? Why Jim Rip Van Winkle Inhofe!

Bob Carlson

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