Carbonated Roundup
(For CO2 lovers)

"Let's hear it for rising CO2 levels" in Iowa.
So Iowa dries up and its soil blows away?
Will its top soil catch up with Oklahoma's
If Dwayne Alons is not an Inhof devotee?

Imagine a dust bowl to match Oklahoma's.
But Dwayne is convinced that won't be how it is.
Instead of using Inhof's plain bottled water for crops
Dwayne insists that Iowa's new Roundup should fizz.

Dwayne has discovered plants need CO2?
A fact known to science for some little while.
So Hugh Grant has instructed Monsanto's technicians
To accommodate Wayne as he walks his last mile.

Now Dwayne claims his new Roundup is all Iowa needs
Together with Monsanto's Roundup-Ready seeds.
Soil not required? Not on the streets of Des Moines'
Crumbling pavements with an occasional coin

To keep Roundup-Ready seeds from blowing away.
But Monsanto says, "Wet down your seeds with Roundup-CO2.
If Inhof wants seeds, make the son of a gun pay.
Then when it causes cancers, there's no way they can sue."

Bob Carlson

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