Obama's Gulf War –
Oiling The Birds
And Beasts like Senators Landrieu and Murkowski

How many seabirds and turtles and fish
Should we let Lamar and his moles coat with oil
To get their names on an endangered list
While Lisa Murkowski is brought to a boil?

Suppose Oily Mary's constituents find
That tar and feathers should be her reward
For coating their seabirds and turtles and fish
With BP Select till they're stiff as a board?

BP Select coming straight from the Gulf,
Diluted with seawater does promote rust,
But's not formulated for coating these Senators.
Who'll guarantee that the stuff will combust?

Perhaps they should visit a BP refinery,
Preferably when it's about to explode.
Or will it suffice for their campaign opponents
To paint them as BP Select à la mode?


How many incumbents are we going to miss
Whose "Drill, Baby, Drill" has resulted in this?

Bob Carlson

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