More About Crony Capitalism in Politics
     in Rhymed Verse

    (Recommended reading: Peter Schweizer's "Throw Them All Out"
        – How Politicians and their friends get rich off insider stodk tips,
           land deals, and cronyism that would send the rest of us to prison)

    “Teddy Goofed Again”10/1/13
    “Is Congress Worried?”10/1/13
    “They Quit En Masse”9/30/13
    “Connections Needed”9/23/13
    “The Permanent Political Class”9/23/13
    “Big Congressional Cheeses”9/22/13
    “Congressional Drug Trades”9/22/13
    “TARP Billions For Banks”9/22/13
    “One-sided Crony Capitalism”9/21/13
    “Caps On Congress?”8/24/13