Dobbs Gone Mad
And othe media flacks

We used to watch Lou Dobbs until
    he turned completely sour,
But who needs that haranguing
    for the best part of an hour.

He's even worse than Mathews
    and Keith Olberman combined.
Why would we start our evenings
    being whined at and maligned?

We don't agree on immigrants,
    or that Mathews has a clue,
Or that Keith and Bill-O never share
    a common point of view.

But now we hear the question raised,
    "What made Lou go bad?"
Who or what is making him
    appear stark raving mad?

Was he messing with the housemaid
    while his wife was out of town?
Were they hikng in the mountains
    when Senora turned him down?

Did he find a new Latina
    but have to settle for a hickey?
At his age Viagra dosage
    often can be tricky.

Was his supply exhausted
    so he had to do without?
Was four hours more than Lou would spend
    eating his heart out?

His mother must have warned him.
    Even Texans knew:
Too much self-indulgence
    and madness can ensue.

Bob Carlson

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