More Avaricious Drugmakers in Rhymed Verse
“The CDC's Dangerous Vaccines?”4/29/13
“Bad Cases Of Drug Ad Abuse”  (Bad Case Of Loving You)
“Big Pharma Cuts The National Debt”
“Big Pharma's Ghostwritten Prescriptions”6/26/11
“Big Pharma's Ghostwritten Promotions”6/27/11
“Conflicts Of Interest”  (Doctor, Lawyer, Indian Chief)
“Corporate Welfare Runs Amok”  (Limehouse Blues)
“Doctors Boycott Merck”  (I Can't Give You Anything But Love)
“Doctors In Cahoots”  (Cecilia)
“Does Bush Approve Of TV Drugs?”  (Undecided)
“Drugs Medical Underwriters Love”
“Foolin' Himself”  (Foolin' Myself)
“Heart Brakes”  (Heartaches)
“Hearts or Dough?”  (Heart And Soul)
“Hello Doctor, Where's The FCC?”  (Doctor Jazz)
“His Heart Stood Still”  (My Heart Stood Still)
“In The Labs”  (Hey, Good Lookin')
“Inflating Drug Prices”
“Johnson & Johnson Makes A Killing”  (I Can't Give You Anything But Love)
“Losing to Cialis”
“Merck And Pfizer”  (A Bicycle Built for Two)
“Merck Pays Off For Some”  (Brother, Can You Spare A Dime?)
“More Flowers For Bush”  (Brother, Can You Spare A Dime?)
“Origami Obama”
“Pfizer, Pfizer”  (A Bicycle Built For Two)
“Pitching Pill Patent Profits”
“Rapacious, Not Salacious”  (Put The Blame On Mame Boys)
“So The Man Has A Plan”
“The Botox-Blue Cross Conumdrum”
“They've Got Balls”
“Virility”  (Button Up Your Overcoat)
“Votes For Sale”  (Love for Sale)
“Won't You Help Our Bottom Line?”  (Would You Like To Take A Walk?)