Iran's Allies vs. Israeli Squatters
Profits vs. settlements

To some this comes as no surprise.
    Gone are all Israeli paeans
To Ahmadinejad's allies,
    the Royal Dutch and South Koreans.

They, along with several others,
    have let the profit motive tempt
Them to treat the published sanctions
    as something from which they're exempt.

How can the Royal Dutch Shell brass
    find compliance all that hard?
Is there no risk a Mahmoud bomb
    won't find a dike and flood their yard?

Can't they let Mahmoud develop
    Iran's oil fields on his own?
Instead of help, why not advice?
    If he needs some, let him phone.

Are bonuses for Shell execs
    worth more than Israeli lives
And settlements whose mere existence
    is aggravating Mahmoud's hives?

Ditto South Korea's Daelim,
    building gas and power plants.
"We've lived for years with Kim Jung Il,
    so let Israelis take a chance."

Aren't these views a trifle callous?
    Profits in exchange for toast,
Not only around Tel Aviv,
    but here at home on either coast?

So what will Congress do about it?
    What pronouncements will they utter?
With Mitch's needle stuck on "No"
    who'll order in the peanut butter?

Bob Carlson

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