Obama's Short Term
(Following Sarah Palin's bad example)

Will Barack pull a Palin and simply opt out?
Is he thinking of quitting? How much is enough?
Has he quit already and kept it a secret?
Does Wiki have proof of Mitch calling his bluff?

First it's the Blue Dogs and then New Democrats,
Followed by Mitch "Just-Say-No" and his threats
To increase the deficit by not taxing the richÖ
Now Vegas has stopped taking second term bets.

Bush, Ford and Carter were not re-elected
When unemployment topped seven percent.
With Republicans pushing it up over nine,
Why feign surprise that Barack up and went?

It's not like there's a law againt his own TV show,
Say week-end talkathons on MSNBC,
Replacing their so-called reality cop shows.
He'll prob'ly be happy to do it for free.

Bob Carlson
On Twitter @PBoondoggles

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