Obama's Gulf War –
Prepping Gulf Seafood For Mitch
Making sure "Nothing" is too good for him

'Gulf Seafood by Browner'? The quality's strained
Because of Rahm's edict on how it's OK'd.
They're making sure Mitch, after the mid-terms,
Will discover his message has been overplayed.

Lubchenco is issuing Gulf seafood stamps
For her "ongoing tests" are intentionally slow.
Taste-tester panels she's been asked to set up
Don't work all that well when there seems to be no

Taste of Corexit. Results all too often are late
And few of those samples any longer exist.
Corexit-free seafood with fries and a beer?
Rare is the taster who can swear he'll resist.

And fish with Corexit are also a problem –
An oily consistency with a bad aftertaste
That often appears a day or two later.
Which sample's the culprit? Haste detect waste?

Those hundred and fifty-three fin fish Jane tested?
Sure, Mitch bitched at how long testing takes.
But at least NOAA's new taste-testing procedures
Will make sure Mitch faces some big bellyaches.

Bob Carlson
On Twitter @PBoondoggles

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