Stimulating Republican Spending
Especially for Nebraska's senators

What's the risk that Timid Tim's
    timidity will spread
And make Obama's stimulus
    a Bush-McCain retread?

Did we elect Obama
    just to end up with McCain?
Will Timid Tim play games
    in Merrill Lynch's Thain domain?

Where Nebraska's freshman doofus,
    Mike Johans, can't comprehend
That an economic stimulus
    requires that someone spend

Money on 'most anything:
    a movie or a play,
Or a pleasant evening
    of rolling in the hay.

It's largesse that must be spent, not saved,
    by ev'ry conferee.
Won't someone tell that doofus
    stimulating's not for free.

Who knows? With all Nebraska's hay
    a roll may cost much less,
But D.C. madams promise
    to ensure the bill's success.

Bob Carlson

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