Conservation In Texas
(Not likely. Not ever.)

Since Texas men, like Rick Perry, abstain from sex.
Why can't they also abstain from extraction
Of oil, minerals, timber and gas from the land?
Except in the bedroom, the damn fools are all action.

"Conservation be damned. Global warming? We've got Texas,
Already hot. How much more can it get?
Ignore those doom touting EPA scientists
Claiming that, in Texas in particular, 'we ain't seen nothing yet'.

"Here in Texas we see what we want to see.
Let us live our own lives. Let us be. Let us be.
Just keep those oil subsidies coming our way.
Make the other 49 pay. Make 'em pay. Make 'em pay.

"Teach 'em to love our Texas pollution,
That no one produces like we Texans produce.
Our corporate profits are far more important
Than attempting to save a spruce, moose or goose.

"We've seen all that we want to of those blue pelted ferrets.
Give us stronger herbicides and we'll kill 'em all.
Tom DeLay and his spray guns are ready and waiting.
Dick Armey and Rex Tillerson will make conservationists bawl."

Bob Carlson

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