Dealing With Deniers
(Of climate change)

You think you've got hot? You ain't seen nothing yet.
They've turned up the heat so you'll never forget.
Big Boeings and Air Buses? Too hot to fly.
Keep those polluters all grounded and out of the sky.

Hot air won't support them. Just too damn much weight.
Are their passengers too fat? Can it be how much they ate?
How many hours on the runway with the air completely off?
How many hours of perspiring until they can take-off?

Until deniers are converted into much thinner believers,
Let's hear no more of that nonsense about "How can we know?"
How 'bout a weekend on the runway of the fabled sin city,
Until they're enightened and light enough to go.

Extra Caution for Stubborn Deniers (ASPCA Warning?)
    Don't walk your dog on a SouthWestern runway.
    Certainly not during the heat of the day.
    It will incinerate his pads, but vaporize poop.
    So, wonder of wonders, there is nothing to scoop.

Bob Carlson

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