Devastating Monsanto
(Avoiding its experimwntal sci-fi modifications)

We're on our way back to hunting and gathering –
Nutritionists are, of course, overjoyed –
Replacing farming which was a mixed blessing
That Grant's Monsanto's completely destroyed

Drenching our soil and acquifers with their poisons
Doctoring genes in all our food crops
Replacing those crops with their superweeds.
Where, damn it where, are the federal cops?

We've seen the last of the big food producers
Soon we'll all be gathering food on our own
Selecting and processing foods that are good for us
And laugh when Monsanto and Hugh Grant start to moan.

With no one to sell their doctored seeds to,
No one to drench with their herbicide,
No more water sources that they can poison,
Do we dare hope for a Hugh Grant suicide?

While we collect our wild plants and berries,
Except in Utah with all its salt.
Will their seaweed diets be enough for Chris Stewart?
Or will he side with Roy Blunt that the climate's at fault?

Bob Carlson

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