"Don't Screw Around With The Soybeans"

(They've been sprayed with Monsanto's Roundup)

"Don't screw around with the soybeans",
    came the armed admonition
When Monsanto's Roundup was blamed
    for her baby's fatal condition.
If breathing that spray can sicken a human,
Eating those beans could be worse, we're assumin'.

Yet to threaten a mother who just lost her child?
Seems like entrepreneurial spirit gone wild.
Did it upset the farmers or the huge corporation
That this grieving mother dared question their operation?

Though evidence showed it's a deadly endeavor
Can we let their response be a casual whatever?
Or even worse, a defiant reaction
That threatens but won't offer a piece of the action?

She couldn't do much worse than Monsanto's now doing
Marketing killers of humans, plants, insects and bees.
She has millions applauding the soybean screwing
And hoping to hear that Wall Street disagrees.

Bob Carlson

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