Drowning Or Droughting
(How'd Texas weather become so extreme?)

Drowning or droughting? "Can't He decide?"
How sacriligious to be still blaming God,
Ducking their own responsiblity,
But then some of those Texans have always seemed odd.

Their extreme weather? No way it could be Texas's fault.
Who's pumping the most carbon dioxide into America's air?
Have you heard tell of a Texas volcano erupting?
Did you ever hear of a Texas volcano being there?

Yet here's Tom DeLay claiming than "man" can't change the climate.
The power of God means only He can pollute?
Not the Texas corporations with no regulations?
Does a gun license in Texas list who you can shoot?

Apparently not, judging by who's still around.
Seems like those nutjobs would be the first to go.
Or are they the ones charged with compiling the list?
As a non-Texan, how would I know?

Diehard Republicans, they'll go down to defeat,
Never admitting they've been wrong all along.
The sea may encroach upon Galveston Bay
But they'll sit back, praising God's work, smonking a bong.

Bob Carlson

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