Ending Hugh Grant's Evil Reign
(As Monsanto's CEO and GMO mastermind)

It's not bad enough that Monsanto's GMOs will poison us.
They're so sure they are deadly and that we'll want to sue,
That rather than stop and save millions of lives
They are getting laws passed that limit what we can do.

They leave us no recourse against their monopolistic
Attempts to control all the crops that we'll eat.
Not just the veggies to which we're accustomed
But food stuff for animals we think of as meat.

All in the interest of making their top brass more money.
Many millions for Hugh Grant has not not been enough?
What the hell is he eating that hasn't been poisoned?
Does he share with his shareholders, and his employees,
    his secret stash of non-GMO stuff?

How can we determine what Hugh Grant is eating
And if he is producing enough for everyone?
If not, let's subpoena him and force him to eat his GMO poisons
Long enough to ensure that his evil reign is over and done.

Bob Carlson

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