Expanding Monsanto's Product Line
("Will Hugh Grant resort to hiring Roy Blunt again?")

When will Monsanto begin making bullets?
Or will they leave that for duPont and Dow?
What with Afghanistan starting to wind down,
Unless they pay Blunt to incite civil war, no way, no how.

As a method for murder bullets have their appeal,
And nicely complement their product line.
Stockholders can be sure Hugh Grant has given it thought
But there may be more profit in a Monsanto mine.

A Monsanto version of a "cheap" IED,
That's cheaply constructed, or perhaps Ready Made,
That when it explodes, spouts Roundup with Napalm,
A combination for which terrorists have prayed.

The only question their CEO faces
Is who'd be left around to be done in by their GMOs?
But if there's a solution, Hugh Grant will find it.
The man's a genius at murder,
so God only knows.

Bob Carlson

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