Farming Is Hell
(In Texas)

Did Governor Oops know our fertilizer factories could blow?
Why weren't we farmers on his list of who needed to know?
First we get stuck with Monsanto's GMO seeds
Isn't someone looking out for a farmer's real needs?

Picture the sight: Texans trying to farm.
An out of state farmer would give his right arm
To watch Texas farmers attempting to plow
Leaking KXL tar mixed with Texas cement,
    then taking a bow.

There's a real challenge for Monsanto's GMO seed:
Sprouting and growing in absolutely no soil,
In million acre parking lots covered with slime.
That's the price we must pay when our state "needs" its oil.

Why didn't Oops warn us that Monsanto's seeds
Don't mind the lime in our cement but can't take our heat.
Not only does the foliage suffer, wilt and burn up
But there's decidedly less that you'd want to eat.

Back to the labs. But how long will that take
While all of us wait for a fat juicy steak?
If you saw the scrawny livestock trying to survive on Monsanto's crops,
You'd call it quits and call the ASPCA cops.

Bob Carlson

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