GMOs For The Dogs
(Couldn't Rick Perry ban them?)

Will Republican family dogs come a cropper?
Has Monsanto decided what to do as a topper?
Have they genetically modified the food to feed Fido?
Have dog food manufacturers been conned by Monsanto's CEO?

Has Rick Perry banned corn dogs from all Texas porn?
Is that why Texas juveniles are looking forlorn?
Is the phallic resemblance abhorrent to Perry,
Recalling sad memories of his old partner Jerry?

Jerry had been a voracious consumer.
His consumption had approached maybe a dozen a day.
But the corn from Monsanto proved Jerry's undoing,
For with his tumors and cancers Rick's Jerry passed away.

Yet Rick's banning abortion. Soon he'll have banned planned parenthood.
He'd ban fornication if he thought that he could.
Instead he'll be importing chaste monks from the Greeks
To repopulate Texas with armadillos and illegals amid its KXL leaks.

Bob Carlson

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