"Goldman's Lloyd Blankfein
Loves Monsanto's GMOs"

(He says, "Murder," he says)
(To be sung with Betty Hutton
to Frank Loesser's "'Murder,' He Says")

Lloyd says,"Murder," he says.
Let Monsanto bring about
More "Murder," he says.
They can't do their thing without
More "Murder," he says.
That's the science we love.

Lloyd says, "Profit," he says.
Wall Street demands they "Murder"
For "Profit," he says.
Kill the middle class and poor
For "Profit," he says.
That's what his one percent love.

He says we need
More GMOs.
Too many are still livin'.
He isn't happy with that.
Just look at who
Those bozos chose
Despite what we elite were givin'.
With Monsanto's GMOs
They're gone in nothing flat.

Lloyd says, "Murder," he says.
GMOs won't miss.
With "Murder," he says.
If we keep it up like this,
For the love of pete,
Even we elite
Will be careful what we eat.
Bon appetite…

Music & Original Lyric by Frank Loesser
Alternate Lyric by Bob Carlson
11/29/12 - 2/16/13

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