Have You A Favorite?

Have you a clue who is sharing your secrets
Each time you choose to converse on your cell?
Someone you're comfortable sharing your private thoughts with,
Or someone you certainly would never tell?

Perhaps a perfect stranger who listens for kicks
With nothing better to do than to eavesdrop on chicks?

What are you up to? Do you have one special guy?
Are you open to advances when someone catches your eye?

Who will your favorite eavesdropper be?
The Texas Government or a nosy neighbor,
Who wants to know if you know when
The lady her husband's been seeing will go into labor?

Texas is checking that she isn't aborting.
They want to make sure that she goes through with it.

We suspect, however, that your nosy neighbor
Would not be unhappy if somehow she quit.

It would seem that some circumstances can have an affect
On what ordinary citizens might otherwise do,
If politicians in Texas, like Governor Perry,
Weren't imbibing so much of that old mountain dew
And controlling her life and yours, and those of those two.

Bob Carlson

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