Is Monsanto Doomed?'
(By its "flawed" Roundup science)

Hugh Grant is right up there with Exxon's Rex Tillerson.
Head and shoulders above NRA's Wayne La Pierre.
Wayne's simply a front for the gun manufacturers.
Each of the others creates a worldwide nightmare.

Monsanto has so many ways of causing cancers!
When will the FDA remove Roundup from American shelves?
There must be a way to protect the public
And still let DeLay snd Blunt poison themselves.

A few dispensations? A license required?
A Muslim fatwah that authorizes each death?
Obama might oblige with a proclamation
To celebrate each decision to take a last breath.

How sad if Monsanto loses the source of its income
To doctor the genes to the world's food supply.
How devastating to each nation's oncologists.
But insurance firm profits could react by jumping sky high,

Unless Obamacare reigns them all in,
Costing much less than Max Baucus thought.
There goes the argument for Rant Paul's candidacy.
Is Monsanto doomed whether Blunt likes it or not?

Bob Carlson

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