Isolating Texas
(And the Texans)

Breath deeply. This could very well become your last.
Those Texas pollutants are closing in fast.
Think how badly polluted their air has become.
If you live in Texas, how long till you succomb?

With their regulations corporations are free
To spew their poisons indiscriminately.
Organic compounds and carcinogens
Last wills and testaments are in Texans' hip pockets.
At a very young age they are taught their "amens."

No wonder they're religious. It's past their time to go.
Quick trips out of state keep some hanging on.
But if they keep polluting at their current rate,
Rehab trips for fresh air can't be depended upon.

Adjoining states are feeling the pressure
Especially those who are located down wind
Sadly that includes many who despise Perry, DeLay and Army
Who seem unaware of how badly, they've all sinned.

Retribution will come. They'll all be quarantined.
None will be allowed to poke a nose out of state.
Let the idiots choke on their own pollutions.
How long can it take for them to depopulate?

Bob Carlson

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