"Lead Poisoning"

(Vaporized lead at firing ranges)

Let your gun-loving friends all know
Of the risks that they are taking
When they shoot their weapons in practice,
Risks that are of their own making.

A bullet to the heart or head
Can make you very, very dead.
But few "Good Guys" realize
It's hard to hit between the eyes,

And chances are they'll never see
The guy who hides behind the tree
Because he read it in the news
That they've a gun they plan to use.

But lead itself is unaware
Until it has been vaporized
And finds them at the firing range.

How long's it take? They'll be surprised.

Ingested in a vapor state
Quickly into ev'ry pore?
Or paint them with a lead based paint?
They won't be coming back for more…

Bob Carlson

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