Left Behind By Bushie
(Exporting the Texas mess and Bush)

Bushie's Houston reputedly had zero dropouts.
Thousands of studens just up and disappeared.
So much for reporting, "none left behind".
Texas "accountabilty" neatly premiered.

The Houston school chancellor was not to be blamed
For he became Bushie's new education head.
Rod Paige jumped from a Texas city local,
Bypassed the state, headed the Fed.

Rod Paige did well. Not so the kids
They needed help to pass any test:
Like prior knowledge of the questions they'd be asked,
Though clues to the answers were a close second best.

Without either one the results were dismal.
Huge numbers of test takers managed to fail,
While those whose grand idea this was
Tried to duck the blame to little avail.

So they declared a success that was quickly exported
And now thanks to Bushie it infects a zillion schools.
So who are the recipients of the Texas largesse?
An entire nation of unhappy and naive fools.

Eight very long years of a dumb "W"
Was eight ghastly years, and now he is gone.
But his and the Texas "No Child Left Behind"
Unfotunately remain and wll linger on...

Bob Carlson

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