Let's Hear It For Taste Buds
(Do GMOs taste funny?)

Does this GMO corn taste funny to you?
Is it Monsanto's genes or the Roundup in which it grew?
Green Giant or Birds Eye? They're all tasting weird
Are our taste buds aware that we're suddenly skeered

By reports of the cancers and photos of tumors
Monsanto's creations are beginning to cause
With limited, short term experimentation?
Are these Frankenfoods? Will we end up with claws?

Federal agencies and, yes, some dieticians
All appear to be under Monsanto's thumb.
What chance does a lowly consumer possess?
Corporations need profits and so they stay mum.

How much salt can they add, or sugar, or spice
Against almost any sane physicians advice?
How much can they doctor the food that we eat
So it won't taste like an old bicycle seat?

But a taste bud revolt against popular brands?
Then a massive switch to non-GMOs?
What would that do to CEO thinking,
Their profits, their pensions and bonuses? Who knows?

Bob Carlson

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