Lobbyist For Nuclear Disasters
(The Nuclear Energy Institute lobbying group)

What will leaked radiation do to your dog or cat?
What will it do to your tropical fish?
Will the Nuclear Regulatory Commission
Continue to be the NEI's favorite squish?

Just a federal branch of the industry's lobbyist,
More concerned with their profits than it is with us?
What will it take to get them to regulate?
Losing South Carolina? No mess, no fuss?

Why equate leaked plant radiation with personal x-rays?
How many x-rays do you need every hour?
Not nearly as many as a Shaw Areva can spew
With their unregulated vast lobbying power.

As the "voice of the industry" NEI makes
Policy for their NRC regulators,

Leaving them with very little to say
About how they "control" NEI's operators.

What other industries do lobbyists rule?
Where else can a lobbyist increase the odds
For more Fukushimas in so many places,
And set themselves up as so many tin gods?

Bob Carlson
On Twitter @PBoondoggles

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