Monsanto's Class Warfare

(Why let Monsanto executives play God?)

Some they'll let live while others they'll bury…
But who says Monsanto should make that determination?
Isn't that for elected gurus like Bush and Perry,
Who we're praying won't create some ungodly mutation?

Why does Monsanto have this thing about bees?
Is Beeologics the kind of firm Monsanto normally buys?
Are they questioning some of the bees personalities
Or the polygamous ways that most bees colonize?
Or the fact that in Poland they're dropping like flies?

Are bees costing Monsanto executives millions
In year-end bonuses and possible fines?
Wall Street is gong to be very unhappy
When they discover Monsanto screwed up some bloodlines.

Which plants were good plants? Which ones were weeds?
Which will their herbicides kill or perhaps spare?
Are they sure they won't alter the ones somebody needs?
Or, in the interest of quick profits, can it be they don't care?

Bob Carlson

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