Monsanto's Poisons
("Does Congress also do their R&D?")

Poor little mouseys all covered with tumors
Proof of the dangers of GMO food.
And poor little Billy, Jane, Peggy and Harry
What chance do they have with the Fed attitude?

Congress writes bills protecting Monsanto's poisons:
Higher levels of Roundup on the veggies kids eat.
And soon Agent Orange where Roundup won't work
On crops for the livestock. They'll poison our meat.

Look for the skull and crossbones as GMOs will be labeled
So consumers will know which foods to avoid.
Foods, that before Monsanto toyed with their genes,
Consumers had loved and safely enjoyed.

Who'll be the first to break ranks with Monsanto?
Which GMO-free foods will enjoy great success
With all of the millions of grateful consumers
Pleased to be free of the Monsanto mess?

Bob Carlson

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