Monsanto Patents Its Cancers?
(And their treatment?)

Which chemotherapy firm will Monsanto acquire?
On which of the biggies does Hugh Grant have his eye?
Monsanto makes cancers. His acquisition will treat them.
Synergy made in heaven for most patients will die.

As long as there's no way of stopping Monsanto –
They cannot be sued thanks to Obama and Blunt.
Even without The Monsanto Protection Act
A lawsuit against Hugh is a frightful affront.

Who wouldn't welcome Hugh's patented cancers
That only Monsanto would be licensed to treat
If and when their patented meds are available?
And if they're not? So sorry, bud, you still are dead meat.

Wouldn't Pfizer be thrilled to be acquired by Monsanto?
Who else can provide them, in a consistent way,
With patented cancers internationally
For which there will be no U.S. taxes to pay?

Bob Carlson

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