Moving To Texas?

Give me a job and a place I can live
But what is it you're planning to do to my kids?
Teach them nothing more than abstaining from sex?
Plus stuff that the science of global warming forbids?

Will I be a maker of muffins who works for very little?
Like next to nothing, well under minimum wage?
Will I pay as much as 12% of my salary in taxes
So the wealthiest Texans can luxuriate in a gilded cage?

I'd best not move to Texas if there's a chance I'll be poor,
And not reaonably sure I'll be in the top 20%.
And it can't hurt at all to brush up on my Spanish
Before the wife starts wondering where the Anglos all went.

Most died off most likely. There's a new generation
And they're not in oil or cattle like we thought most Texans were,
Nor Exxon execs who're plotting their next leaky pipeline
That the Tea Party and G.O.P. were thought to prefer.

Bob Carlson

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