"Mrs. Withington's Texas Accent"

(The sane one)

Mrs. Jeremiah Aloysius
    Withington III
Maintains a residence in Texas
    to make sure one sane voice is heard.
It may not make all that much diff'rence,
    one tiny voice amongst all the rest
Until you realize that hers is
    the only one that's not obsessed
With getting ours as well as theirs
    by hook or crook till they become
Texas multi-billionaires.
    tattooed to tell where they are from.

Before he jumped from forty stories
    her Goldman Sachs successful trader
Socked all of his illegal winnings
    into keep-her-happy jewels and furs.
So unlike those greedy, grasping Texans,
    Mrs. Withington has got hers,
And can turn her haughty nose up
    at every former fumigator;
At governors who aspire to POTUS;
     at Fascist claims we shouldn't notice;
At all whom she has prayed against
    before they get self-recompensed.

So when you hear that strange accented voice
    shout: "Don't forget the Alamo!"
It's the Withington III led
    exodus to Mehico.
But her passport lets her return –
     All the rest: No! No! No!

Bob Carlson

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