New Neighbors?
(Refugees from the KXL desert)

Think how greedy for money, for power or for infamy
One must be to approve or to build the KXL pipeline.
Any kind of a spill could contaminate huge aquifers
That millions depend on. It would be assinine.

Desertification would promptly ensue.
What part of the country could those millions move to?
Would you want Arizona's sheriff to end up living next door?
Or Texan extremists that we liberals abhor?

Displaced Oklahomans? Or even the Bachmans,
"Converting" the gays or at least trying to?

Deniers of climate change who are being proved wrong?
How compatible will they be with your kids and you?

Evangelical Mormons requiring more churches,
With more in-laws than you or I've ever seen?
Ag-gag meat factories where they ban photos of their animal cruelty,
But do nothing to keep them from smelling worse than a latrine

Thousand of miles distant they seem relatively harmless.
Located close by? Not necessarily so.
Infiltrating with a radically different culture?
Fine for a short visit? But much longer? Oh no!

Bob Carlson

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