No Standing In Court
(Monsanto's superweeds ate the soybeans)

If "ROUNDUP Ready" are now "ROUNDUP Resistant,"
How can they be postively identified?
How can the latter still be under the patent?
When the patented genes all gave up or died?

If they're no longer working as they were all paid to,
How can Hugh Grant and his team have a case
For bullying farmers in front of the courts?
Doesn't Hugh Grant have egg and superweeds on his face?

Who'll break it to Hugh to give back his millions?
Then go back to the labs for something more scary
That might be effective for more generations?
It's time to dump Blunt and hire a sharper tooth fairy.

One who'll succeed where all others have failed.
But where will they find one who'll work for Hugh Crant
Now that Monsanto's reply to "Make them 'ROUNDUP Resistant'"
Is "We tried like the Devil but apparently can't."

Bob Carlson

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