"Obama Signed What?"

(The Monsanto Prottection Act)

Obama signed what? Was he even aware
Of which most hated exec pulled the sneakiest stunt,
That Hugh Grant, Monsanto's despised President,
Enlisted the services of Senator Blunt?

Senator Blunt can be had at a very cheap price.
Sixty odd thousand was all that it took.
Hugh Grant, bless his lecherous heart,
Made fourteen million, quite a bit more than Senator "Crook".

Roy Blunt helped Monsanto compose the addendum
That prevents Monsanto and Hugh from being sued

If the families of victims of ROUNDUP or their GMO seeds
Realize it's Monsanto and Hugh by whom they've been screwed.

You think the USDA or FDA will take protective action?
Think again. Not likely. They've not done much so far.
How can they when Monsanto's Hugh Grant
Is becoming the self-appointed U.S. Food Czar?

Bob Carlson

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