Oops, Too Busy
(Aborting abortions to have time to regulate Texas ferilizer explosions)

Oops, Governor Perry, one more ammonium nitrate plant is smoldering
That would make two down with seveny-three left to blow?
Why to hell with regulations that might protect Texans?
Must those thirty-seven abortion clinics be the first to go?

How many matches in one box of matches?
How many activists does each death and explosion create?
How may strikes of a match till ammonium nitrate catches?
Betweem matches and activists, Oops's future's not great.

Explosive and flammable, but stored in wood boxes,
How many volunteer firemen will give up their lives?
Not even a semblance of a fire sprinkler system?
What plans does Oops have for their children and wives?

With a "rainy day fund" of nine Billion dollars,
Oops asked the Feds for fifteen Million in aid.
That's for the first of over seventy disasters.
Can Oops write checks fast enough? That's not been his stock-in-trade.

Bob Carlson

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