Pennsylvania Switches to Bottled Water
(Who doesn't expect Joe Barton to get into the act?)

Natural gas doesn't melt down. It explodes.
Plus fracturing soil to get at it can cause
Fracturing fluids to enter the water, and
Earthquakes when everything's not left as it was.

So it's just a matter of time till Joe Barton
Advocates drilling for more natural gas:
"Fracture the soil underneath Pennsylvania.
Tap water be damned. Bottled water's first class."

Looks like a view shared by Governor Corbett,
Who's sold his soul to C. Alan Walker,
Campaign contributor and "permit approver"
Where the gas drilling applicant's an EPA blocker.

The Congress exempted the fracturing process
From blame for polluting our underground water.
Who's paying them off? Who bought the Congress
So they won't change the law the way that they oughter?

Why, the C. Alan Walkers who have fought regulations
For treating the polluted waste water they dump.
What makes them think the law shouldn't affect them?
Do they owe the banks as much as The Donald Trump?

How many earthquakes do you think it will take
Until Governor Corbett faces recall?
Arkansas's shaking but New Jersey is banning.
At least Poland Springs didn't rename them all.

Copyright © 3/14/11
Bob Carlson
On Twitter @PBoondoggles

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