ROUNDUP Resistant
(Monsanto's superweeds for a pittance)

Spray enough of Hugh Grant's and Monsanto's ROUNDUP
And you, too, can grow yourself some of their superweeds,
That can clog what had once been your irrigation ditches
For a fraction of what Monsanto would charge you for their seeds.

Not only are these weeds really "ROUNDUP Ready"
They're raring to go anywhere you don't want them.
How did Hugh Grant get his technicians to do it?
Did Senator Blunt help with this great stratagem?

Can it be that Hugh is planning to phase out his ROUNDUP?
Has he something more deadly to use up his sleeve?
Something tailored especially for Israeli farmers
That will grow superweeds in downtown Tel Aviv?

Don't laugh. Some will be edible if you don't mind the taste.
Of course they'll be patented. Hugh will want them traced,
Though they never have seen the inside of his labs
And pop up gratuitously so should be up for grabs.

But that isn't the way that Monsanto works.
They'll offer Bibi a Roy Blunt kind of deal.
But because Israel has such a small population,
Only one dollar fifty for his official seal.

Bob Carlson

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