Something's Rotten Somewhere
(Looks like it's in Texas)

Nobody's perfect? Not even Texans.
Look what they've exported to the rest of us.
Their legislature meets... What is it? Not often.
    Maybe a couple of times a year?
Our Congress might as well. Could cause less fuss,
    If they spent their free time drinking American beer.

Pay them a lot less for the little they're doing
Then it won't seem like as much of a screwing.

But back to Texas and their deregulation
Of financial markets, as well as next to no education.

Sunday school throughout Texas has been quite enough
To equip their politicians with some really weird stuff.
Can they change the climate? They'd leave that to God.
Bad Savings & Loans? Designed to facilitate fraud.

It's the stuff like the latter we'd be happier withbout.
But they're so damned enthusiastic, who dares to doubt?
Could be how we got Bushie and "No Child Left Behind".
There's a lot rotten in Texas and it's not hard to find.

Bob Carlson

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