Sparkle Pawlenty?
(Or just twin Orphan Annies?)

Who thinks truthful and dull will top charismatic?
Should Mitt Romney joke about Sparkle Pawlenty?
No. T-Paw is destined, like Mitt, to be boring.
Was his ma Gravel Gertie? Was his pa B.O. Plenty?

Is Mitt merely jealous of another store mannequin
Whose Orphan Annie blank stare resembles his own?
They both seem so stiff on TV and in person
Yet sound more relaxed when they pander by phone.

But Mitt's also sending Obama prank pizzas.
Has someone told Romney how funny he is?
His dog on the car roof still gets laughs from opponents.
From conservatives? Prob'ly the prank pizza biz…

But who'll remind both who it is that is leaving?
It's Katie and Oprah, not David and Jay.
Or did they get word they'll be Fox News replacements?
Is Ailes making way for some more Bob and Ray?

Bob Carlson
On Twitter @PBoondoggles

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