Step Right Up
(For your Monsanto GMO and Roundup cancers)

Why does Monsanto publish only the short-term effects
Of its herbicide Roundup and its GMO crops?
CEO Grant surely must be aware
That longer-term studies show his creations are flops.

Several months longer than his ninety days
And cancers appear in gawdawful displays.
Breast cancers for women and prostate for men
Does Hugh think we're all super-Christians in a dead lion's den

Who'll withstand the onslaught of Monsanto's poisons,
A deadly barrage of foods that used to be healthy?
No longer now that he's doctored their genes
In ways to make him and his stockholders wealthy

Until we start dying and survivors sue.
Is that why Blunt and Obama passed his Protection Act?
Did Hugh anticipate being wiped out
When consumers catch on and he starts getting whacked?

Bob Carlson

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