Texans Locked Down
(And upping the ante)

Not just an ID to vote, but one that says they can't leave.
Of course who'd want a former Texan living next door?
Uneducated with no knowledge of sex,
Unless you lucked out and got an out of work whore?

Who had moved to Texas assuming Texans were horny.
She'd never heard that Rick Perry abstained.
Imagine the shock to a professional lady.
Was it any wonder that the woman complained?

And quickly left before the lock down
Stopped all card carrying Texans from jumping ship
And almost stranded the lady along with those voters
With no way of escaping Rick Perry's totalitarian grip.

A bit rusty, perhaps, but eager to please,
She's thankful somebody's hormones aren' encased in cement.
Abstaining Texans were a huge disappointment:
Inexperienced, too old, or too poor for her fees.

Unaccustomed as she was to requiring I.D.'s
To vote, to have sex and to try to leave.
Dumb, stupid, abstaining, they don't know what they're missing.
Give the lady a break. give her a reprieve.

Isn't isolation exactly what they had prayed for?
Empty spaces, and fewer ID.'s to make sure fewer can vote.
But finding their I.D.'s can work agaist them
By controlling who can and can't rock the boat?

If they get that damn bill passed leaving ladies no choice,
Sex could start costing those boys at least a Rolls Royce,
And deprive a less fortunate me of a fun-loving neighbor,
Who says for that kind of a car she'd risk going in labor.

Bob Carlson

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