The Reaction
(To no more fresh water)

Millions of people will lose their main source of fresh water
When the KXL pipeline leaks into their main aquifer.
Will their reaction be peaceful or violent?
Which kind of uprising will most likely occur?

Obama had best have our troops home from Afghanistan
And not in the mid-East for a Syrian war.
Who knew they'd be called on to maintain the peace
Here in the U.S.? Were peaceniks aware that's what they'd be used for?

Quelling attacks on Big Oil throughout the south- and mid-West?
Whose exploding gas stations would burn to the ground?
It won't be pretty. Congress is bound to be baffled
After so many years of just sitting around.

With the uprising as they search for fresh water
Who'll keep the rest of us out of harm's way?
Thank God LaPierre has been busy distributing NRA
Large magazine assault weapons that could save the day.

Who will they blame next after blaming Big Oil?
Probably politicians in DC who gave KXL the OK.
Those who don't live there are extremely lucky
As there's less of a chance that they'll be blown away.

Bob Carlson

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