Tom DeLay, The Texas Scientist
(Just ask another Texan like Perry)

How'd we go wrong? Could we have avoided
The disastrous ideas and policies of Senator Gramm,
And his wife, Wendy, just for good measure,
Plus egos like Perry's: "Look how great I am."

Yet Rick's memory is faulty: "Oops, what did I mean to say?
Not that the sea's rising in Galveston Bay.
But why is God letting the City of Galveston sink?
Man can't achieve that. There's absolutely no way!
I'll refer every skeptic to my man, Tom DeLay.

"Tom is a true Texas Scientist, a chemist at heart.
He just sprays with stuff that kills bad animules.
With a Hall of Fame sprayer in Texas like Tom,
How can anyone think Texas could use any more rules?"

Why'd Gramm get paid for little or no legislation?
Something for nothing? A standard Gramm scam.
He and his wife, Wendy, are Texas greates economists.
And when it comes to brilliance, only a DeLay can equal a Gramm.

Bob Carlson

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